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Jason BajadaJason Bajada

Jason Bajada was named one of Montreal’s very best songwriters from the moment he stepped onto the music scene with his independent debut (Puer Dolor 2005). In 2017, Bajada returned with an epic double album which has once again been praised by critics all around and sees his songwriting surpass anything he’s ever composed. Loveshit II (Blondie & the Backstabberz) is his greatest achievement yet. A poignant deep dive into the heart and mind of an artist on the brink of full collapse. A tour de force inspired by seduction, excitement, betrayal, depression, suicidal tendencies & of course…toxic love.


Dossiers de presse


Oct 26 2023
- 20h
Théâtre Outremont
Oct 27 2023
- 20h
La Basoche
Nov 4 2023
- 20h
Église Emmanuel

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